The Curse of Strahd: Session #7

Quotes with no context

    • “The monkey’s name is Piccolo.”
    • “What’s Piccolo’s power level?”
  • “Oh, hey, it’s a fetch quest for gold.”

  • “I’m laughing out of character.”

  • “I never like to begin a gardening job on Thursdays.”

    • “Forgive me, I forget your father’s name.”
    • “So do I.”

Session Notes

We suddenly remembered that while we were still on the road (shortly before night fell) we encountered a Vistana who introduced himself as Aragor (I think). He asked us to do him a favour and pick up a toy from Blinski and bring it to the Vistani camp to the west of town, as the Vistani are not welcome in Vallaki, and we agreed.

Back in the non-retcon present we found an inn to stay at, and Erwin, the innkeeper, asked us to investigate what’s holding up their latest shipment of wine, from the “Wizard of Wines” vineyard in the Svalich woods south of Krezk.

The next morning we were unable to find any leads on Vasili’s location, so we headed to Blinski’s Toys to ask him if he knew anything about Gertruda’s doll and to acquire a toy for Aragon.

When Blinski saw Ja’real he reacted very poorly; evidently the burgomaster’s sinister associate has been forcing Blinski to make a Ja’real doll every month for years, and the dolls have accurately depicted various changes that Ja’real has gone through. This whole situation is incredibly suspect. After we reassured him that we were as mystified about the Ja’real dolls as he was Blinski proved very outgoing, but he was unable to tell us anything useful about Gertruda.

We did learn that Vallaki’s burgomaster has a unique theory about how to keep Strahd away, and forces the town to hold almost constant festivals (because festivals make people happy and happiness repels vampires.) While civically enforced happiness is a very fraught concept, the upcoming Festival of the Happy Sun fits very well in my beliefs as a follower of the Way of the Sun Soul, so I’m looking forward to it.

We poked around somewhere and hired someone to do some landscaping for an abandoned house that we claimed to own, for some reason.1

Next we paid a courtesy visit to the burgomaster so that Marius could let him know that Barovia’s old burgomaster has died and to subtly probe for information about the Ja’real dolls. No one seemed to recognize Ja’real, so they are either very good poker players or the dolls are a side hustle rather than deeply entrenched in the town’s power structures.

The burgomaster was very excited about the upcoming Festival of the Blazing Sun and seemed receptive to Marius’s suggestion that Barovia might like to join in on the constant festival-having. Ja’real asked if Count Strahd von Zarovich ever visits Vallaki for the festivals and mentioned that we had recently met Strahd. Since the whole purpose of the festivals is to keep Strahd away, this question was met with incredulity and anger. We tried to convince the burgomeister that his guards should not kill us immediately and that Ja’real was delirious and suffering ill effects from some bad pies he had eaten, but I’m not sure he entirely bought our explanation. He did call off the guards and de-escalate the situation, but that slip could have repercussions in the future.

Next Session

  • Probably still in Vallaki, unless we get ridden out of town on a rail.

  • Ja’real practices thinking before he speaks.

  1. I didn’t write anything for this part in my notes and it’s fallen out of my memory. Other things may also have occurred in this gap. ↩︎