The Curse of Strahd: Session #6

Quotes with no context

  • “Is that how you cast it? You hold it toward the sky and yell ‘sacred weapon!'?”

  • “I only licked mine.”

    • “Remember, if you lie to the DM you go to hell.”
    • “If you lie to the DM you end up in a meat pie.”
  • “Oh, ringwraiths are following you? Fuck off.”

Session Notes

As we made our way toward Vallaki, we were attacked by three enormous wolves. Wolves the size of grizzly bears. The kind of wolves your mother warned you about. With the help of our faithful dog, Lancelot (who we’re totally going to give back to Gertruda when we find her…1) we prevailed in the fight.

Further down the road we encountered a fork2 and followed a short side path to a lonely windmill. Taren and I felt that it would be rude to barge in on the inhabitants, so we hung back while the less socially perspicacious members of the party invaded the clearly inhabited windmill. As we waited for them to return, Taren became increasingly uncomfortable and claimed that he could feel a great evil emanating from the structure. The others returned without incident, and as we hurried away from the ominous windmill they revealed that this is the source of the pies that Ja’real is so enamored of, and the nice old ladies who live there have asked us to deliver a letter to a man named Vasili who lives in Vallaki.

Stopping at the windmill ate up enough time that night fell before we reached Vallaki. We were accosted on the path by three unfriendly scarecrows, who it transpired were stuffed with dead ravens in addition to the more normal vegetal materials. It was a tough fight (especially after two more scarecrows showed up) and Lancelot almost died (until Ja’real heroically intervened and got him to swallow a healing potion by smearing it with peanut butter), but we once more survived to survive another day.

The gates of Vallaki were closed, but Marius and Irena were able to convince the guards to lower a rope for us to climb and ignore our late arrival in exchange for a certain monetary consideration.

Next Session

  • We finally complete a sidequest without killing anyone, maybe?

  • Vallaki welcomes us with open arms.

  1. On reflection, the fact that we found her dog in the evil house might indicate that we’re headed in the wrong direction and have abandoned a young girl to a horrible fate. ↩︎

  2. In addition to the fork, the road split in two. ↩︎