The Curse of Strahd: Session #3

Quotes with no context

  • “I’m so healthy right now.”

  • “All right, if we all die it’s your fault.”

  • “From the inside is the way to defeat it!”

Session Notes

Escape through the attic proving futile and rest eluding us, we realised that there were portions of the underground complex which we had passed by when we made a beeline for the ominous chanting. Resolving to search for a way out that involved fewer doorways filled with whirling scythe blades of doom, we descended the narrow spiral staircase once more.

The garbage pile was not waiting for us at the bottom, which was a great relief.

Several unexplored areas near the staircase appeared to be family crypts, including two bearing the names of the child ghosts currently inhabiting my kind-hearted companions. Perhaps we should not have been so quick to stuff the commingled bones into a knapsack and bury them outside in a shallow grave, as this seems like a more congenial resting place.

A different crypt contained an ungodly number of spiders who immediately tried to befriend Tobias. Ja’real attempted to brush them off of Tobias with his rusty machete, but his hand slipped and the machete took a pretty good chunk out of Tobias. (The more helpful members of the party killed the spiders with less hazardous means, like their bare hands.)

Beyond the crypts we discovered a shrine containing a statue of someone named Strahd, who is obviously held in high esteem by this family of degenerate murderous cultists. No one in this party is capable of leaving well enough alone so Grygori stole the orb-sized orb that the statue was holding. Some shadows took exception to this in a very eat-your-face kind of way (which is not, I believe, normal behaviour for shadows), but we managed to fight them off with very few near-death experiences.

Careful examination revealed a secret passage back to the main floor of the house, though the room the trapdoor opened into was filled with a suffocating cloud of black smoke that seemed likely to pose a health and safety hazard. The door out of the parlor was also blocked by whirling blades, but I thought I remembered that the exit was just past it so I decided to chance it.

Encouraging the others to do likewise, I ran through the blades into the next room, which was likewise filled with black smoke. One of the blades struck me a glancing blow on the way through, so when the complete lack of an exterior door showed that I had misread our crude map of the house, turning back seemed just as hazardous as pressing forward. I navigated two more doors with aplomb, and emerged into the quiet stillness outside without further mishap.

My recent insight into ki flows may have affected my senses; a strange sound with no apparent source rang in my ears, and searing magical radiance danced briefly across my skin.

The deadly mists which had herded us toward the house were gone, so I sat in silent contemplation of the night sky as I waited for the rest to follow me.

And waited.

Some hours later, as the sky brightened, I heard the house start to shake and shift. While looking around for any nearby earthquake shelter I might have overlooked I noticed an expensive carriage headed down the road toward the house. My erstwhile companions, looking various combinations of ragged, bloodied, and unconscious, tumbled out of the front door to greet the finely dressed gentleman who emerged. He seemed well-spoken and cultured, if a bit pale, and reminded me of the statue of Strahd in the basement. Perhaps a young, unattached nephew?

He thanked us for ridding him of this turbulent house and gave us a bag with some mysterious swirling potions before riding off into the not-quite-sunrise; we tested one by pouring it down the throat of the unconscious Tobias and he was instantly healed.

I’m beginning to think the supposed universal xenophobia conveyed to us by Grygori and Marius earlier may have more to do with their own prejudices than the feelings of the wider populace. If everyone in Barovia is as open-minded and generous as this capital gentleman, we have nothing to fear.

Next Session

  • Barovia is probably not as friendly and generous as Strahd von Zarovich.

  • We have many things to fear, including Strahd.