Halloween: Day 13

Witching Hour perfume, Conjure Oils

Frankincense, cinnamon, and a hint of dry leaves.

Brooklyn 99 S2E4 (“Halloween II”)

Okay, so, I messed up at some point and left S1E6 (“Halloween”) off of this daily recap of Halloween. (In my defense, Lydia was the one who actively chose to watch it, I was just a passive consumer.) While some level of intra-squad strife is normal for the show, the Halloween episodes up it to a formal conflict where battle lines are drawn, loyalties are uncertain, betrayal is expected, and there’s a sudden reveal at the end. Oh, and there are costumes.

Necromangocon, B. Nektar Meadery

Mead with mango and black pepper. This, too, seems to have a lighter hand with the spice than it used to. The mango is still there, but the pepper is quite subdued. I don’t like it as much now.

Penny Dreadful S2E6

Very much a “rising action” episode; tensions are drawing to a head but can find no release as yet. Dorian Gray continues to be The Worst®, throwing a ball to celebrate his current lover (who has the abandonment issues one might expect of a trans sex worker in Victorian London), then promptly ignoring her to make eyes at a new acquaintance.