The Nightmare Before Christmas: Scream

Scream is perf. Totes perf. There's literally no chance it would not be included.

  • Oh, Drew Barrymore! I love her! I bet she's the star!
  • Jiffy Pop. Do they still make that?
  • Aw, the killer just wants someone to play trivia with him. He's a misunderstood and frustrated gamer, is all.
  • Drew Barrymore is dead. I guess we'll have to go with Neve Campbell.
  • Nope, I didn't scream. You're just old and crazy, dad.
  • Don't bother looking around the bedroom for my rodent-faced boyfriend.
  • Gale Weathers should be the next victim just for that monstrously ugly yellow suit thing she's wearing.
  • "Hey, it's called 'tact' you fuckrag." 
  • At this point my sisters and I missed a large chunk of movie while discussing jeans.
  • For the record, they're wrong.
  • Principal Fonzie is gonna get murdered. Deadamundo.
  • No, Syd, don't have sex with that jerk. He's a jerk and a killer (THPOILERTH) and he was so insensitive earlier.
  • Ah, brilliant plan, killers. Stab each other just a little bit, and hope you don't die.
  • Matthew Lillard is so full of saliva.
  • Priorities, man. Don't bitch that he hit you with the phone, after he STABBED YOU WITH A KNIFE AND YOU'RE BLEEDING TO DEATH.
  • And the quarterback is toast.

Post-movie postmortem: I could spend a long, long time explaining the many ways in which this movie is wonderful. But I won't. Watch the movie. Enjoy the movie. Be the movie.

Five stars.