The Nightmare Before Christmas: Scream 3

Live reactions:

  • Ah, shower scene. After mercilessly mocking the convention in 2, let's dive right in.
  • Cotton Weary is our opening kill for this movie. Liev Schreiber will be missed.
  • But he's been replaced by Patrick Dempsey. So that's okay-ish.
  • Movie set. Time for some boring hijinks. With unlikable standins for the likable characters from the actual films.
  • Gale still wears ugly suits. I suppose improved fashion sense is another thing she didn't have time for.
  • Sydney's cray cray. I suppose that will happen after being targeted by four insane killers.
  • Those stupid voice changers. They magically transform your voice into a perfect replica of someone else's. Via magic.
  • Parker Posey is so annoying as faux Gale. We already have a real Gale to be overbearing and dumb, we don't need another.
  • Why is Gale constantly screaming for Dewey? 
  • Boo, hiss, retcon.
  • Touching moment? No.
  • And at the end we have the symbology of the open gate and the unset burglar alarm and the open door AND SHE'S ALL HEALED FROM HER PTSD NOW THAT SHE STABBED HER BROTHER TO DEATH.
  • ...right.

Post-movie postmortem: Definitely my least favourite of the series. Gale is transformed from a strong independent woman to a damsel in distress who's incapable of doing anything. The killer is hypercompetent and suffers no setbacks until the final scenes, and doesn't even appear to be staggered by being shot multiple times. And it tries to retcon the motivations from the first film in an entirely unnecessary and stupid way. Oh, and it highlights how important Randy (or at least his character type)  was by bringing him back via the medium of videotape. Which doesn't really work. Argh.

Three stars.