Halloween 2023: Day 25

The Mummy’s Ghost (1944)

Andoheb from The Mummy’s Hand has stopped being the High Priest of Karnak and is now the High Priest of Arkam (or the filmmakers forgot the word Karnak, since the Hill of the Seven Jackals has also moved from Karnak to Arkam.) He has also recruited another new priest to send to America and fulfill the will of the gods, and this one’s played by John Carradine. I enjoyed this one the most out of the series: it didn’t have anything that felt like padding, treated Kharis as an actual character, and Carradine’s performance is enjoyable. It also has an actual sequel hook that gets used in the followup.

The Mummy’s Curse (1944)

This might have the most coherent plot, but it’s hard to get past the sharp uptick in racist caricatures. Bonus points for having multiple important women, points off for that mainly resulting in a higher rate of casual misogyny, more points off for casting a different woman as Amina and assuming we wouldn’t notice.