Halloween 2023: Day 16

The Ghost, Bee Well Cider

“Peach cider with hot peppers and passion fruit.” Ingredients list says Ghost, Carolina Reaper, and Scotch Bonnet. It’s nice, not a ton of heat but there’s a pleasant tingle and some chinense flavour melding with all the other fruit.

Heartbeat (2023) S01E08

In which a vampire learns how to drive.

Crimson Peak

“Oh it’s… it’s not. It’s more a story with a ghost in it. The ghost is just a metaphor. For the past.”

A beautiful film that I just didn’t feel very invested in.

Queen of the Damned

“My teacher left me to my darkest lesson, that in the end, we are alone, and there is nothing but the cold, dark wasteland of eternity.”

What better than nu metal to rouse a sleeping vampire from his grave?