Halloween 2023: Day 3

The Devil’s Guide to Managing Difficult People by Robyn Bennis

Had some potential, but it never went anywhere and nothing is ever resolved. ⭐

If Found, Return to Hell by Em X. Liu

Cozy novella about a demon learning to make dumplings. Knocking one star off for the distracting second-person narrative. ⭐⭐⭐

Rough Around the Hedges by Lish McBride (Uncanny Romance #2)

While the initial setup of “best friend pines after woman he’s secretly in love with and refuses to tell her” was irritating, this is mostly about Vanessa navigating her trauma and learning to be less avoidant. ⭐⭐⭐

Caramel Pumking, Southern Tier Brewing

The caramel doesn’t really add much.

Heartbeat (2023) S01E03-04

Woo-Hyeol continues to learn about modern life, specifically credit limits and entry level jobs. In-Hae adapts well to him being a vampire, but less well to him spending money they don’t have.