Halloween 2023: Day 1

Mixing it up again this year, Halloween begins on the equinox.

The Gourd Tree Pumpkin Cider, Hard Pressed Cider Company

Contract brewed for Trader Joe’s by Gordon Biersch in San Jose, CA. A slightly confusing mix of pumpkin and apple, lightly tied together by the warm spices. I’d drink it again, but I probably wouldn’t buy it.

Day Shift (2022)

A Netflix Original starring Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco, with special guest Snoop Dogg. I had heard this was bad, but it was so much worse than I expected. For reasons, Foxx decides he needs to rejoin the vampire hunting “union”, which is structured as a bad mashup of the police and a corporation and resembles an actual labor union not at all. It has to be like the cops, though, so that we can have our buddy cop film. (Also obligatory: a racist claim that the Tongva worshiped vampires as gods.) The script is mostly unfunny, the fights range from boring to infuriating, and none of the characters are likable.