My Year in Books: 2021

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In 2021 I read 57,174 pages across 213 books. (Plus or minus a few hundred pages, because Goodreads page counts aren’t always accurate.)

I was particularly stingy with five-star ratings this year, giving out just one. When I discovered this I was tempted to go back through the four-star books and promote some, but I usually don’t re-rate books and have no real desire to start now.

The Devil Comes Courting by Courtney Milan (The Worth Saga #3)

It took some real inattention to detail, reality, and history to call either the Chinese or the varied nations that made up what Britain called India uncivilized, but then English propriety was that rare combination of inattention to everything that mattered coupled with a minute fascination with everything that didn’t.


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2022-01-02 03:00 +0000