Halloween 2021: Day 25

The Wars by Robin Laws (The Yellow King Roleplaying Game #2)

Throwing off the trappings of Cthulhu and Lovecraft, YKRPG returns to the original weird fiction short stories of Robert W. Chambers and emerges with a fresh take on Carcosa and the reality-altering play The King in Yellow. This book covers the second of the game’s four settings, a twisted but still recognizable 1940s Europe in the throes of a continental war.

Necropolis by Jordan L. Hawk (Whyborne and Griffin #4)

Whyborne gets up close and personal with the mysteries of a long-dead avatar of Nyarlathotep, while Griffin almost gets his face eaten. The book can’t really escape the racist implications of making large portions of ancient Egyptian belief turn out to be based on malignant entities from beyond time and space, but its nomadic cult dedicated to fighting an ancient evil is less of a stereotype than the one in The Mummy.