Halloween 2021: Day 11

a book cover, two legs, three oreo cookies, and a beer can

The All-Consuming World, Cassandra Khaw

This is not, strictly speaking, a horror novel. I was expecting it to be, but I realised partway in that I had confused it with Khaw’s upcoming novella, Nothing But Blackened Teeth. There is enough horror in this transhumanist tale of abusive relationships, lesbians, spaceships, and grief that I’m going to count it, though.

Halloween Oreos

Orange creme is allowed on the menu since the Nabisco strike is over.

Pansexual Pride Scattered Skulls Sweatpants, Nerdy Keppie

Skulls and flowers. Difficult to get spookier than that.

Nosferatu, Great Lakes Brewing

An imperial red IPA, which means it has slightly more red than other IPAs.