Halloween 2021: Day 2

a blu-ray copy of Suck, a depiction of Famine as a pumpkin-headed figure, a beer label with a winged cat perched above a pumpkin, and Alice Cooper as a vampire

The Gourd of Deprivation, Black Phoenix Trading Post

Part of the “Pumpkins of the Apocalypse” series, this linen spray represents Famine and smells like vanilla, cinnamon, hay, and a hint of smoke.


A musical comedy where vampirism is a metaphor for drugs. And rock and roll. (And it’s always been a metaphor for sex.) The writing and special effects are ludicrous, which is most of why I love it. The rest is Alice Cooper.

Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela

The beer I meant to drink yesterday. It’s not as good as Sobrehumano, but it does have a very cute label. Any pumpkin taste (and most of the spice, save for a coppery tang) are buried under JP’s normal funk.