Music of the Year: 2020

New or new-to-me music from 2020 that I put on a list, in no particular order and with secret rules for inclusion. Some of these songs contain words that you like to pretend your grandparents don’t know.

This year I did not make my siblings listen to the candidates, so I’m forced to fall back on my own comments instead of mining their reactions.

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Main Playlist

Honorable Mentions

The Songs

  • Lido Pimienta - Te Queria

    • Peppy Afro-Colombian beats. I barely remember enough Spanish to pick out a phrase here and there, but that’s okay.
  • Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me

    • It’s a bop, clearly.

    • Some nice glam punk.
  • Zeal & Ardor - Devil is Fine

    • Black metal by way of Black spirituals.
  • Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am

  • Tide Lines - Far Side of the World

    • I have a weakness for the Hebrides.
  • Tessa Violet - Wishful Drinking

    • I also have a weakness for wordplay.
  • Elliot Lee - Pink (Freak)

    • Yes, that’s right, another breathy pop singer with a dark side.
  • Koffee - Throne

    • Dense flow over a reggae beat.
  • Ava Max - Kings & Queens

    • Feels a little generic during the verses, but that hook draws me in every time.
  • Hayley Williams - Dead Horse

  • Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens - Gone

    • Two artists I love coming together for a fun little track.
  • GIRLI - Day Month Second

    • Sparse, crunchy europop from a queer artist. What’s not to love?
  • The Glitch Mob - Take Control

    • Crackly electronica.
  • Yelle - Ici & Maintenant

  • Larkin Poe - She’s A Self Made Man

    • They seem to be moving in a less bluegrass direction, but there’s still plenty of twang.
  • Patty Gurdy’s Circle - Kalte Winde

    • My sisters dislike hurdy-gurdy music, for some reason.

Honorable Mentions

  • Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion - WAP

    • I would have put this on the main list, but one of the secret rules is that there needs to be an official music video on YouTube and this edited version is a travesty. WAP that doesn’t touch that little dangly thing has been stripped of its lyrical value.
  • Halestorm feat. Amy Lee - Break In

  • GIRLI - Pussy Is God

  • The Orion Experience - The Cult of Dionysus

  • Georgia Maq - Driving Blind

  • Zeal & Ardor - Blood in the River


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