Halloween: Day 9

Horror On the Orient Express (Call of Cthulhu 7E), Chaosium Inc.

Amelia: “We think it has information about the fez of death.”

Bentley: “What’s the fez of death?”

Amelia: “You said you told him everything!”

Roderick: “Well, I didn’t get to everything.”

(We continue to play not-ourselves in a flashback.)

Our shadows dogged by a somewhat suspect reporter, I and my companions departed London bound for Constantinople. While I had little luck grappling with the Arabic inscriptions that we believe are related to the Blood Red Fez, my Turkish colleague Dr. Polat is confident that he has properly reconstructed the nameless rite they describe (a.k.a. the Ritual of Not Dying Right Away). Captain Barrington continued his fruitless flirting with Miss Amelia, who seems rather more interested in the defenestration of intrepid reporters than anything smacking of romance. Various party members reported strange sightings of fez-wearing men, and Barrington engaged in some foolhardy late-night roughhousing that left him with a rather severe concussion. He claims to have seen the reporter (who we left behind in Paris) on the train before his injury, but between drink, mooning over Miss Amelia, and the concussion I’m not sure there remain wits enough in his addled pate to recognize his own mother. Nevertheless, his injury is serious and we need to remain wary of all strangers so long as we have the cursed fez in our possession.