Halloween: Day 10

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

What if four kids and a dog (not to be confused with Mystery Incorporated or the Famous Five) brushed up against something truly horrific while unmasking Old Man Wickley, breaking up the group and leaving them with PTSD? Well, it’s possible that years later they might reunite to face the ancient horror and exacerbate their mental trauma. (Erm, find closure.)

There are some unnecessarily transphobic bits that could have easily been handled better, and some lesbian bits that could have been handled better, and some Native American bits that could have been handled better. (What I’m saying is, this is a novel badly in need of sensitivity readers.)

The author also appears to believe that witches were burned in Salem, and that vulvae are impervious to physical trauma in a fight. The prose is incredibly self-conscious; it’s not badly written, but it is obtrusive, as is the choice to randomly interject sections formatted like a screenplay into the middle of scenes. Overall, a fun premise executed competently, but falls short of greatness.

Wellington Paranormal S1E2-3

Episode 3 was the first episode that mostly worked for me; the psychic consultant that they bring in sets up some good jokes, and there are a couple of entertaining camera operator gags.

Rum Barrel Aged Pumking, Southern Tier Brewing

It’s pretty tasty, but the rum is overwhelming to the point that you might as well just grab some spiced rum.

Stan Against Evil S2E1-2

This is a comedy horror series starring Janet Varney (the voice of Korra) as the new sherriff and John C. McGinley (you know, from Scrubs) as a grizzled ex-sheriff in a very haunted New England town. This two-parter introduces a secret occult society that I don’t recall existing before, and they’re hilarious and will hopefully be showing up again.

Stan Against Evil S2E3

Monster of the week: a were-pony.

Stan Against Evil S2E4

Monster of the week: overacting.

Stan Against Evil S2E5

Monster of the week: marriage.