Halloween: Day 22

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell S1E1-2

I honestly have no idea what this show wants to be. The structure is modeled after a preschool educational show like Mr. Dressup, except the host can’t act and most children’s shows don’t have jokes about ball gags. The craft segments leave out the interesting bits, so while they make motions towards being instructional they’re more “Step 1: cut your rectangular cake into smaller rectangles. Step 2: Crumb coat your two-story cake mansion, when you’ve done that it should look like this one that my assistants made off-camera.” It’s not even that great at being aspirational, because literally no one has ever taken a dozen chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and thought, “these would taste better if they had a weird glob of sugar that looked like an angry eyeball on top.” They’re chocolate chip cookies, they’re already perfect. Put eyeballs on macarons, or something.

Witches Brew, Leelanau Wine Cellars

Decent pre-mulled wine. Not as good as making it from scratch but much more convenient, which is important when you’re a busy busy witch like me.