Altered Carbon

Ouch, episode 7 is a huge speed bump with this sudden backstory infodump, which reveals Quellcrist Falconer to be a “we am play gods!” neo-Luddite who is attempting to play god.

I hate, hate, hate lazy anti-technology writing. It’s possible to be critical of the failure states of transhumanism without resorting to the “technology bad, nature good” nonargument. The story already has the Catholics to beat that drum, the Quellists could have remained their own thing instead of being turned into a dumbed-down retread.

I don’t generally care about changes from the source material during adaptation, but…I have a special allergy to this trope and the book’s Quell is much more interesting. She’s a poet and ruthless revolutionary who fought for egalitarian access to technology and once said “technology has given us access to time scales of life our ancestors could only dream of—we must be prepared to use that time scale, to live on that time scale, if we are to realize our own dream.”