A Penny For Your Thoughts

Recently my job involved reading a suicide note.

What do you say after that, as your constructed self on social media? "You are not alone. You are loved." These are not my words, though I could claim them. They are reflexive platitudes. It's a good sentiment, and what good is sentiment? Sentiment and tuppence will get you…wondering why we even still use pennies.

"I am here for you. I love you." These are my words, active words, so they're harder to say. Should I even say them? I'm barely a functional human being; promising to help is for people who can respond to Facebook messages, or say "hi" to people they know, or talk. However—the least I can do is try.

Hopefully none of my friends need these words right now, but I'll lend them to you regardless. You are loved, because I love you. You are not alone, because I am here.