The Nightmare Before Christmas: Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a film I've seen before, and it seemed like a good followup to The Cabin in the Woods. Horror comedy, check. Whedon alumnus, check. Purposeful use of cliches, check.

Live reactions:

  • Oh, look, a fresh batch of college students.
  • They forgot the beer! The horror is too intense for me to handle. 
  • That is a lot of pickled eggs. 
  • Possibly don't take the large blade with you to talk to the pretty college students.
  • Possibly wait longer after the creepy cop that pulled you over leaves to crack a frsh brewski.
  • Their vacation home needs a lot of work.
  • And maybe a nice cleansing fire to clear out the serial killer vibes.
  • College kids are telling scary stories. As you do.
  • There was a massacre twenty years ago. A group of college students was killed by crazy hillbillies.
  • Now that the mood is set, let's skinny dip.
  • Chet is such an asshole.
  • He also feels a deep connection to Allison. A deeply creepy and obsessive connection.
  • Allison seems a bit unclear on just how naked you're supposed to get when skinny dipping.
  • Dale is so cute and has no clue why Allison is freaked out.
  • Pronoun trouble, eh? And when after a bit of casting about he gets it right and immediately flubs the verb. "Tucker and I brung you..."
  • Chet is such an asshole.
  • Possibly watch where you're going.
  • One. One dead college student. Ah ah ah.
  • Tucker is pissed that Dale is playing games instead of working. He jus' jealous.
  • Chet is such an asshole.
  • Three. Three dead college students. Ah ah ah.
  • This is a suicide pact!
  • Chad. Chad is such an asshole.
  • ...and a little too happy about their situation.
  • Creepy cop is back. He is not convinced by their explanation of events.
  • Don't point the gun at your...never mind.
  • Chad is such an asshole. Threatening a harmless doge.
  • Dale is such a cute.
  • Allison apologizes for othering Tucker and Dale. This apology does not magically reattach Tucker's fingers.
  • Chad is obsessed with evil. And an asshole.
  • On the other hand he's a fan of a good cleansing fire, which redeems him somewhat.
  • Possibly mediation by a psychology undergrad will work. But I doubt it.
  • Chad's parents were involved in the massacre. His mother was the sole survivor. This does not excuse his behaviour.
  • Role reversal complete. Chad is now revealed as the relentless killer, while Tucker, Dale, and Allison will be playing the part of the hapless victims.
  • One rousing speech later, Dale is pumped up to kick some asshole.
  • Shock twist! Chad is half hillbilly! And all asshole!
  • Death by chamomile. You'd be shocked how rarely I've needed to utter that phrase.
  • Aww, Dale brought Tucker a bendy straw for his PBR.

Post-movie postmortem: very enjoyable. I feel that of the two movies it is the more successful at recontextualizatio. It also mostly does a good job of problematizing the othering that underlies much horror. The last minute twist ("You're half hillbilly!") is both unnecessary and somewhat undermines the themes by shifting Chad's murderous insanity to a trait inherited from his father. Oh, and there's a fairly sweet romance.

Four stars.