Halloween 2023: Day 23

The Corn Spirit, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Rye stalks, corn husks, hay absolute, tilled soil, and German chamomile.

Much nicer on my skin than in the bottle; when I sniffed it I was getting sugary butterscotch and vague florals, but applied it separates and resolves into layers of sweet hay, soil, and dried vegetation.

The Mummy’s Tomb (1942)

The worst mummy movie we’ve watched yet. This 60 minute film starts with a full 12 minutes of clips recapping The Mummy’s Hand. It then follows basically the same plot: an Egyptian priest sends Kharis the mummy after a series of victims, then kidnaps a young woman and menaces her with eternal life. It does add a mob with flaming torches, to make it feel even more like Frankenstein.

Make Me Scream S01E01

Amazon list this as the first episode of a series, but I can’t find evidence that there’s actually any more to it. Unscripted reality show where three celebrities (and their plus ones) are run through a haunted attraction and scored based on the number of screams, specific behaviors like running or closing their eyes, or whatever the producers need to make it feel competitive. Perfectly fine for background noise , but I don’t think anyone’s going to get particularly invested in whether Lil Xan screams eight times or eighteen.