Halloween 2023: Day 20

Army of the Dead

Too goddamn long. This could have been a tightly plotted 95 minute movie or a slightly sprawling 120 minute movie, but in no world did it need to be 148 minutes. Tig Notaro’s great, though.

Evil Dead (2013)

It’s good. I wish that it had done more with the theme of addiction (Hellraiser (2022) showed that is a fertile field to draw on) but it is well paced and suitably horrifying.

King Bullet by Richard Kadrey (Sandman Slim #12)

I started reading this series long enough ago that I don’t know when I started reading it (sometime before 2017, when I started tracking things on Goodreads.) And now it’s over.

It ends not with a bang, but with a whimper. I don’t think Kadrey really knew what he wanted to do with the romantic relationships, so they all end up getting short-changed. The big bad had promise, but the climax is lackluster and the denouement rushed and unsatisfying. ⭐⭐

All Hallows Treat, Brewery Ommegang

Imperial chocolate peanut butter stout.