Halloween 2022: Day 18

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Watching The Faculty reminded me that I had never seen any of the straight adaptations of this story, only riffs on it, so when HBO Max offered this up I clicked through. It’s pretty great, particularly the sound design.

Extra Witchy by Ann Aguirre (Fix-It Witches #3)

I admit, I’ve been hate-reading this series since about half-way through the first book. I generally like Ann Aguirre’s work, but something about the characters and metaplot in this series just sets my teeth on edge. This was probably the one I’ve liked the most, and I suspect that’s because it sidelined the metaplot and had the main characters actually develop a relationship over time (though not a lot of time.)

The Orc from the Office by Kate Prior (Claws and Cubicles #2)

This is short and smutty. I should probably stop buying monster-fucker books before it irremediably screws up my Amazon recommendations, but who can resist a geeky orc who works in IT? Janice certainly can’t.