Halloween 2021: Day 33

Ghosts (US) S01E01

We actually watched this yesterday, but I forgot about it. You know how What We Do In The Shadows made smart changes to prevent it from feeling like a pointless retread? Not so much here. The changes mostly make it less interesting; even the scout leader with an arrow through his neck has it at a less visually interesting angle.

Death On A Pale Pumpkin, Black Phoenix Trading Post

The third scent in the “Pumpkins of the Apocalypse” series, and the final one I own, since War had some scent notes that were unappealing to me. This one’s the least pumpkin spice like; the bright mint and eucalyptus do a really good job of trampling all over it, and there’s a hint of patchouli ready to back them up if it shows its head.

Night Hunter

Stanley Tucci, Nathan Fillion, Alexandra Daddario, Ben Kingsley, and Henry Cavill can’t lift this plodding “thriller” above mildly entertaining. Needed some vampires to spice it up.