The Curse of Strahd: Session #9

Quotes with no context

  • “Welcome to Camp No-Loose-Ends.”

  • “Where do the children hang out?”

  • “I’m going to use vicious mockery on the skeletal horse.”

  • “You can hang around and do yoga.”

  • “Why don’t we put him in the boat and carry the boat? Like Ultima VI.”

  • “Please don’t torture him. Wink, wink.”

Previous Session

I was not present due to a pressing need to smoke a duck. My understanding of events is:

  • The party noticed a large number of ravens peacefully hanging out on and in the inn.

  • The party (in response to the black ravens and their provocative decision to exist in public) broke into the inn’s attic.

  • The party (while trespassing on property owned by someone we were relying on for food, shelter, and gossip) attempted to steal an item being guarded by a huge flock of ravens.

  • The ravens took exception to this and (after some escalation on both sides) appeared to land a killing blow on Grygori.

  • Grygori continued moving about and talking, which is unusual for dead people.

  • The innkeeper discovered people in his attic touching his things and attacking (his?) ravens, and we are no longer welcome at that inn.

Session Notes

Awoken at 1 in the morning by my companions saying we urgently need to leave the inn. We return to the abandoned house we previously claimed to have purchased.

To the southwest of town is a Vistani encampment. We head there to drop off the doll we bought from Blinski.

Aragol is having Alexei, the teenager who lost his niece, Arabelle, whipped.

The only person the gate guards remember coming in is Bluto, the fisherman, who normally uses the north gate.

The north gate guards tell us that Bluto is still out fishing; Dana and Taren head to the general store to get fishing gear, while we hang out in the forest gthering firewood.

A skeletal horse and rider appear; Marius decides that it is an evil monster and attacks them. We defeat them easily.

At the lake, Bluto throws a sack overboard, Taren dives in and rescues it. The sack contains Arabelle.

We’re offered a throne as a reward, but we take the second offer, which is a unicorn-motif rug.

We meet Cazimir the dusk elf.