My Year in Books: 2018

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In 2018 I read 257 books, and gave six of them five-star ratings. One of those was a re-read, the others were:

The Midnight Mayor: Or, the Inauguration of Matthew Swift by Kate Griffin (Matthew Swift #2)

Griffin’s lyrical prose and imaginative urban fantasy setting are captivating.

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (Imperial Radch #1)

A really interesting look at distributed/replicated consciousness and its breakdown modes.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows #2)

The Six of Crows duology is Bardugo’s follow-up to her very popular Grisha series, this time mainly set in magic!Holland instead of magic!Russia. It’s also much better, as it’s not needlessly drawn out and contains 0% Darkling.

A Treacherous Curse by Deanna Raybourn (Veronica Speedwell #3)

This Victorian mystery/adventure series just keeps getting better, with some interesting revelations about Stoker’s past, witty dialogue, and some period Egyptology.

A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers (Wayfarers #2)

While the first Wayfarers book focused on the relationships and personal stories of a few people caught up in the periphery of major galactic events, the second one eschews those distracting major events and more directly tackles issues of identity and personhood.


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